Say Obrigado To The Jejum Diet

Obrigado is Portuguese for thank you very much! Many of you reading this probably knew this already. Many of you also know that Portuguese is the national language of that exciting Latino country otherwise known as Brazil. Why is it exciting? It could depend on what floats your boat, but there’s many things, really. For one thing, many soccer fanatics just love that country’s samba kings, the world’s most successful national soccer team.

They also happen to play what is known as the beautiful game. It’s always beautiful to watch, except when they’re losing, of course. But that’s hardly ever. What’s also beautiful to watch are the thousands of men and women that spend hours on end at their famous Copacabana beach with their savior watching over them as always. Why are these Brazilians so beautiful? For one thing, they have a healthy outlook towards life.

They’re always brimming with confidence, and even when things don’t seem to be going their way, things are always looking up for them. Also, they’re always up to something. If they’re not playing soccer, they’re playing beach volleyball or rollerblading. And yes, you guessed right, these beautiful people love to dance. Think of any other place in the world where folks dance more than these beautiful people do.

Another reason why these folks have really beautiful bodies that they don’t mind you ogling is their positively good eating habits. They’re so confident; many of them are going on their famous jejum diet. This needs a brief explanation. It’s Portuguese for intermittent dieting. It means that within your healthy eating plan there will be some fasting to be done. These boys and girls fear nothing, so you need not fear a healthy fast either.

While these folks are pretty free and easy where life goes, it will be a case of picking up the finer points of intermittent fasting for those of you who will be quite new to this process. It’s also worth bearing in mind that these folks’ bodies are quite used to the feeding process by now. It’s in their genes and the traditional habits of healthy eating have been passed down from generation to generation. But do not be alarmed.


Like the Brazilians do most of the time, just relax. By intermittent fasting is meant eating. Yes, that’s right. You are not going to be going on a religious fast. You will not be starving your body of its necessary nutrients. You will still be eating. It is just a matter of how and how much. That’s actually quite important. Have you noticed? If they’re not frolicking on the beach or dancing, what are these folks always doing?

That’s right, they’re still eating. They eat regularly throughout the day. Getting down to specifics, this means that you can indulge in meals throughout the day, say, ever three hours of your busy day which, as it turns out, needs to be toned down a notch or two.

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