Reasons to Start Playing Kendama

Have you ever heard about a game where you are using a wooden tool and a ball to complete different tricks? The game is called Kendama, and it is one of the games that is so popular in Asia. Even though it is not quite popular in the United States, it is still a game that we think has a ton of value. And we think it is the type of simple and fun game that is easily going to get more popular. If you start playing it now, you are going to get ahead of the curve. And when all your friends learn about it, you will be the best one at this game!


So how does it work? As we said earlier, you are using a wooden tool to get everything done. With this game, you are using the Ken and you are manipulating the ball with that ken. The ball is always stuck to the wooden tool with a string, and it is not going to break off. But that does not mean the ball is going to always land on the curved spot on the wood. There is no magnet or anything like that. What does that mean? It means that it is all about you getting the physics right.

Whether you are rolling the ball one or two times in the air before you are trying to get it right back on the spot. That is what it is about. You have to make sure that you are getting the ball on the right spot. Whether you are doing this for fun, or you are doing it because you are competing with another person, the end part is what you have to get right. If the ball does not land, it does not matter what trick you managed to do before. You get no points.

And there are competitions that you can play with other people when you are using this game. It can be as simple as two people on the street who are both using their own tool to play this game. What you are going to do is set a simple timer, whether it is two or three minutes. And within that time limit, you have to figure out how you can do as many tricks as you can. There are only so many tricks that you can try, but you have to get them right.

There are two options you can choose when you are playing with another person. You can either go all out, and you can attempt the most complicated things. You can try something super complicated in order to get a massive amount of points. But you have to remember that if you fail at the end, you get no points for that trick. You only get the points if you are successful. And that is why sometimes you can win even if you are doing simple tricks, as you will keep racking up the points for each attempt.

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