dog stifle brace

Is A Dog Stifle Brace Right For Your Dog?

It is not extremely common for a dog to have a knee injury, but it does happen from time to time.  Usually, when something like this happens, it is due to some sort of trauma.  If your dog survived getting hit by a car, it is likely that he or she will suffer some sort of injury to the knees or legs.  Surgery is something that can cost a whole lot of money, and most dog owners are going to be really worried about the risks that are involved with such a thing.  In many cases, a vet might actually suggest an alternative like a dog stifle brace.  There are many reasons why a vet might suggest this as better than surgery.

First of all, if your dog is up there in years, there might be more risks involved in surgery than it is actually worth.  Also, if you tell your vet that you can’t afford the surgery, they will likely help you to order some sort of brace so that your dog can heal as quickly as possible in a natural manner.  There are certainly injuries that are so sever e that they will not heal correctly without surgery, but those severe injuries are very rare.  In most cases, it is possible to help your dog heal in a conservative manner.  The only thing is that it will usually take a little bit longer for the knee to heal with a brace than with surgery.

Of course, you should never try to diagnose your dog’s injury or decide upon a treatment without the advice of your vet.  Your vet will always know the best measures to take and what options are available for your dog.  So long as you follow their advice properly, you will be able to help your dog heal and be back to his or her energetic self again.

dog stifle brace

Ask your vet about the possible treatments for your dog’s injury in order to make sure that you take the proper steps so that your pooch never has to suffer.

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